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Since it's impossible to know when these beautiful cherries will be ready, we are letting Mother Nature set the start of our U-Pick event. We recommend you keep a close watch on our website or social media platforms to know exactly when to come! We know the waiting game is hard, but believe us... it'll be worth it!

U-Pick Cherries Hours

When the cherries ripen we will be...
Open from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Opening weekend Sat., May 14 & Sun., May 15

After opening weekend, every Fri., Sat., & Sun. until the cherries are gone!

No reservations required.

We grow the delicious Coral, Bing, Brooks and Tulare cherries in our orchard.

U-Pick Cherries: $4.50 lb.

Already Picked : $7.00 lb

General Rules

  • Please do not enter closed areas.

  • Do not bring ice chests, coolers or backpacks. Buckets will be provided to you for picking.

  • Please wear comfortable shoes as the orchard ground can be uneven.

  • Do not climb the trees or pull down the branches.

  • Keep children with you at all times.

  • Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to climb the ladders.

  • Absolutely no drugs, alcohol, or smoking of any kind at the orchard grounds.

  • You must have a signed waiver.

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